Locally raised pork.  Butchered at Smelser meats, Cayuga ON.

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FARM PICKUP or HALDIMAND/WAINFLEET HOME DELIVERY (not available for pick up at farmers’ markets)

Cuts available vary, but can include:

Black Forest Ham ($5.50 per pound)

Pork Chops ($5.20 per pound)

Honey Garlic Sausage (approx 1.5 lb pkg)

Bacon  (approx 1 lb pkg)

Spare Ribs ($4.50 per pound)

Back ribs  ($6.50 per pound)

Peameal Bacon (approx 1lb pkg)

Ground Pork (1lb packages)  $4.50 per pound



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Bacon (small), Honey Garlic Sausage, Peameal Bacon, Pork Chops (x-small), Pork Chops (small pkg), Pork Chops (med pkg), Pork Chops (large pkg), Back Ribs, Spare Ribs (large), Spare Ribs (Small), Black Forest Ham Roast (large), Ground Pork, Black Forest Ham Roast (small), Black Forest Ham (medium), Pork Chops (xlarge), Pork chops (xxlarge), Shoulder Chops (medium), Shoulder Chops (Large), Shoulder Chops (xlarge), Pork Tenderloin, Shoulder Roast (small), Shoulder Roast (large), Shoulder Roast (x-small), Shoulder Roast (xx-small), Breakfast Sausage, Shoulder Roast (medium), Spare Ribs (x-small), Back Ribs (small)


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