Pasture-Raised Chicken


Our son Logan took on the responsibility of raising pasture-raised chicken this past spring.  These are the fruits of his labour 🙂 We hope you enjoy!  He has another group of chicks that will be ready around the end of the summer.

From our own farm to your table!

Whole Chickens $4.50 per pound

Drumsticks  $5.00 per pound

Wings  $5.00 per pound

Boneless Skinless Breasts $8.00 per pound

Boneless Skinless Thighs $7.00 per pound

Avg weight taken for each category to calculate price for website.




Additional information


Whole Chicken 5.5-6 lb, Whole Chicken 6.5-7lb, Whole Chicken 7-7.5lb, Whole Chicken 7.5-8lb, Drumsticks


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