Pasture-Raised Chicken


ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FARM PICKUP or HALDIMAND/WAINFLEET HOME DELIVERY (not available for pick up at farmers’ markets)

Our son Logan took on the responsibility of raising pasture-raised chicken this past spring and through the summer.Ā  These are the fruits of his labour šŸ™‚ We hope you enjoy!

From our own farm to your table!

Whole Chickens $4.50 per poundĀ  (we have a limited number still available in our farm store—not listed for sale on website)

DrumsticksĀ  $5.00 per pound

WingsĀ  $5.00 per pound

Boneless Skinless Breasts $8.50 per poundĀ  (package of 2 breasts)

Thighs $7.00 per poundĀ  (bone in with skin on)

Avg weight taken for each category to calculate price for website.




Additional information


Thighs small pkg avg 2.19lb, Thighs large pkg avg 2.5lb, Whole Chicken 7.34lb, Whole Chicken 7.15lb


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