Backyard Syrup Making


Looking for a fun, educational activity to do with the kids this spring?  Try making your own maple syrup in your very own backyard!  We’ve got the tools and guidance you need to see the process through to completion!  With the purchase of one of our syrup making packages, you will be able to access our series of instructional videos, hosted by Farmer James,  to walk you through the process!

The Dabbler Package:  2 sap buckets, 2 lids,  2 spiles            $24.00  plus tax

Complete Backyarder Package:  drill bit, 2 sap buckets, 2 spiles, 2 lids, filter, candy thermometer, 2- 1L jugs                      $67.00  plus tax

Extra buckets:  $8.50 each

Extra lids:  $3.50 each

Extra Spiles:  $1.50 each

Extra Filters:  $7.50 each



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Dabbler Package, Complete Package, Extra Buckets, Extra Spiles, Extra Lids, Extra filters


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