School Tours

Fall Tours

Get your students out of the classroom and into a fresh educational environment. We are gearing up for our 14th season of hosting school groups at our farm. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, the stations hidden around the 2017 corn maze are a collection of facts about Canada. A trip to our farm provides students with a glimpse into both modern farming practices as well as pioneer farming practices. Students of all ages will benefit from the experience. We also host school tours in the late winter/early spring time at the maple sugar bush.

Half Day Programs (approx. 2 hours)

How does our educational corn maze program meet the Ontario Curriculum expectations?

Option A:  From dirt to butter. Students will think like a pioneer farmer, circa 1860 for the day. Students will see an old plow and learn what a pioneer would have to do in order to plow, clear land, or plant crops.  Farmer James will talk about his great great grandfather who farmed and some of the equipment he might have used. Many of the pieces of equipment are on display for students to see and use in our heritage barn. Students get to finish off the day by whipping cream to make butter. This program also includes EITHER time navigating the corn maze OR a wagon ride and apple picking.  This has been a popular program with students from Grade 3 up to and including Grade 8.

Option B:  Meet Mr. Bear and Mr. Hare, the two lovable characters in the story “Tops and Bottoms” as told by Farmer James.  Mr. Bear learns from the wily Mr. Hare about which vegetables grow above the ground and which ones grow under the ground.  This option is popular with our early primary school groups and provides an age appropriate and fun introduction to how different vegetables grow.  Includes EITHER time navigating the corn maze OR a wagon ride and apple picking.

Option C:   Combine time in the corn maze with a wagon ride and apple picking.

***Options A, B and C include a small pumpkin to take home for each student OR one large pumpkin for the classroom


Options A, B and C

2 hour program          $ 5.75 per student    ($115 minimum) plus HST

Supervisors up to 1:5 students are free

Additional Adults are $5.75 each plus HST

Pricing for school tours are only valid on weekdays for school groups (including homeschoolers)

We are available for school tours Monday to Friday October 2-31st.

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Maple Syrup Tours

Bring your class to the farm and learn all about maple syrup production and much, much more. Our 2 hour program includes a wagon ride to the sugar bush, explanations of modern and early syrup making, a tour of the sugar shanty and evaporator, learning how to tap a tree, a chance to make maple taffy, learning about the different tools used in making maple syrup, and of course, experience the taste of pure maple syrup on some fresh, hot pancakes.

This program also helps to develop the following learning skills:

  • Initiative
  • Collaboration
  • Self-Regulation

Tours are available on weekdays from February 26th to March 29th, 2018. Dress for the weather we will be outside!

Tour plus Pancake snack            $7.25 plus HST per student

(minimum of 20 students per group for this pricing)

(includes one pancake with pure maple syrup, and apple or orange juice)

Tour only                                   $5.75 plus HST per student

(minimum of 20 students per group for this pricing)

Supervisors (including teachers) up to 1:10 students are free; additional supervisors pay the same price as the students.

Due to wagon load restrictions, we can accommodate a maximum of approximately 80 people (including supervisors) in a school group.

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Contact James or Kirsten for more information and bookings at 905-774-7507 or