Box O’ Produce

We have been offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program since 2019. The idea behind this approach to growing food is that the consumer purchases a share in the harvest before the season starts. This allows us to have money in the bank to pay for seed, plants, and other input costs. We then provide you with a weekly box of produce once we start harvesting. You are partnering with us in sharing both the risk and the bounty of farming.

You can purchase a weekly “share in the harvest” box of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in a sustainable manner by us and other local farmers that we know and trust. The chart below shows crops that we grow on our farm, and when you can expect them to be ready. We also buy produce direct from other farmers to add variety to what we have to offer. These farms include but may not be limited to Blueberry Knoll Farm, River’s Edge Farm, Fisherville Greenhouse, DeVries Fruit Farm, Berkel’s Greenhouse, Lincoln Line Orchards, Struyk’s Farm, Boots Farm, and Van Berlo’s Farm (Berlo’s Best Sweet Potatoes).

How does it work?

You choose whether you would like to commit to an 8 week, 16 week or 24 week subscription.

24 week: We plan to begin the 24 week share in the week of May 27th, 2024. You will start at the very beginning of the harvest season for many Ontario fruits and vegetables. Asparagus will still be in season and you will be among the first privileged customers to taste the first 2024 June-bearing strawberries (we hope)! For the first few weeks, many of the veggies in your box will be greenhouse grown. Your share will finish up in the week of November 4th, so you will have the benefit of several different squash and apple varieties as well as freshly dug root vegetables such as sweet potatoes.

16 week: We plan to begin the 16 week share in the week of June 3rd. Asparagus will likely still be in season and you will get in on the action very close to the beginning of our June-bearing strawberry season. Like the 24 week share, many of the veggies in the first few weeks will be greenhouse grown. Your share will finish up the week of September 16th, so you will not have as many fresh apples, squash and sweet potatoes in your box.

8 week: We plan to begin the 8 week share in the week of July 29th. This plan is perfect if you’re not sure about committing to a whole season! You will get to experience the peak of the Ontario fruit and vegetable harvest. Literally EVERYTHING is in season in August and September. We like to call it “the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”! 🙂

You also choose the size of share that you would like. Click on the table below to get an idea as to how much you would receive in each size of share. (Please Note: Quantities may vary slightly from what is shown below depending on how our input costs vary over the next few months) We will send out a weekly email (usually Monday mornings) to let you know what we plan to put in the boxes that week. This will help you to plan the rest of your grocery shopping. If you would like to add to your box, you may place an order through our website at any time. If there are vegetables that your family isn’t eating, please let us know and we can make a substitution. If you plan to be away for a week and won’t be able to pick up your box, you can arrange for us to add produce to your box the weeks before and after you’re away, or donate your box to someone else for that week. We ask that full payment be made by the end of June as this allows us to pay down our input costs more quickly rather than paying interest on loans through the summer. If this is a hardship for you, please let us know.

Share Descriptions, Examples and Prices

You can pay in full now or make a 25% deposit and arrange to pay in installments by cheque, e-transfer or cash.

The balance is due by June 30, 2024.

Buy Now

Pick up and Delivery Options

Delivery to your door is available at $7.00 per week.

Pick up is available at:

Richardson’s Farm and Market

Dunnville Farmers’ Market (click to open map)

Hagersville Farmers’ Market (click to open map)

Caledonia Farmers’ Market (click to open map)

Locket St. Farmers’ Market (click to open map)