Raised at Richview Acres, R.R.#4 Dunnville (Jason and Aaron Richardson).  Butchered at either Hanson Meats, Cayuga or Hank De Koning Ltd, Port Dover.  Please allow us to check our inventory to be sure that we still have the cut you are requesting, before you send your payment.  Please limit your order to 5 pieces per week, to ensure that others have fair access to cuts that are limited.  Thank you!

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FARM PICKUP or HALDIMAND/WAINFLEET HOME DELIVERY (not available for pick up at farmers’ markets)

Steaks are approx 3/4″ thick



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**Please note: Steaks and roasts of similar weight are grouped together to simplify pricing for online ordering

Prices per pound:

Tbone steak:  $15/lb

Blade Steak:  $8/lb

Sirloin steak: $10/lb

Rib Steak: $13/lb

Steak Roast: $7.50/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $7.50/lb

Blade Roast: $7.00/lb

Eye of Round Roast: $9.00/lb

Fillets/Tenderloin:  $20/lb

Short Rib Roast:  $6.00/ lb

Porterhouse Steak: $15.00/lb

Braising Ribs and Soup Bones:  $4.00/lb



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Small Rib Steak, Medium Rib Steak


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