2024 Pick your Own Strawberries

We will open for pick your own strawberries on Saturday June 8th.  The length of the season will be determined by the weather and how quickly the berries ripen.

Farm hours during pick your own season:

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6pm

Saturdays 8:00 to 4pm

Closed Sundays

When you arrive at the farm, please come to the farm store to pre-pay for your picking basket.  We will provide the basket.   (you may re-use picking baskets from our farm, however other baskets and containers will not be permitted) We will then direct you to the field where we are picking that day.  You may purchase additional baskets in the field if you wish.

2024 Pick your own Prices (includes container–a minimum purchase of 1 -4L container applies):

                                 4L Basket $16.00

2L Basket $8.50  (available after a minimum 4L basket has been purchased)

Strawberry Patch Etiquette

  1. Please start at the flag in the row you are assigned.
  2. Pick all of the ripe berries.  You will need to search through the leaves of the strawberry plants to find them all.  If you leave ripe fruit behind, it will rot in the field and will cause other berries to rot.
  3. When you are finished picking, please move the flag to the spot where you finished.
  4. If you are having a difficult time finding ripe berries in your row, please let our staff know.  We ask that you don’t just move around and pick randomly.  We need to keep track of which rows have been picked and which haven’t.