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Strawberry Blossoms!

We took a quick peak at a couple spots in our day-neutral (everbearing) strawberry patch and found….(drum roll please!) 2 strawberry blossoms! One was fully open and one was a tighter bud. We didn’t take the time this morning to take the row cover off so that we could assess how many blossoms are open, but finding 2 is an indication that there are probably more.

The day-neutral (or everbearing) strawberries typically produce blossoms earlier than the June bearing strawberries, partly due to the fact that they are covered with row cover that allows light to pass through. The time lapse between blossom and fruit is about a month. That could mean strawberries in the middle of May! There are many factors that will impact when we pick the first berries off these plants, not the least of which is the very real possibility that we will have some frosty nights between now and then. Daytime temperatures and sunshine will also influence how quickly they progress. We will be watching the temperatures closely over the next few weeks and do what we can to protect these blossoms so they can grow into deliciously sweet strawberries for you to enjoy :).