Frequently Asked Questions–Maple Season

  1.  Do I have to purchase tickets online, or can I purchase them at the farm?   You do not have to purchase your tickets for the self guided sugar bush tour, however wagon ride space will be limited due to COVID protocols.  You may purchase them at the farm. Pre-purchase  is required for the Family Maple Experience.
  2. Do I have to make an appointment for the tours?   No, you do not have to make an appointment for the self-guided tour.  Our tractor and wagon runs continuously back and forth from the bush.  If you just miss a ride when you arrive, it will be about  a 20-30 minute wait for it to return.  While you’re waiting, you can visit Farmer James at the evaporator or shop in the store.
  3. Are you open on Sundays?  We are closed on Sundays year-round.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  4. How long are the tours? It takes approximately 30 minutes to walk the sugar bush trail and read all the story boards.  The wagon ride is approximately a 20 minute round-trip. Plan on being outside for at least 1 hour.