Sweet Corn

We grow 7 different varieties of sweet corn which we plant between mid April and early July so you can enjoy our sweet corn from mid July through mid October.

Since the 1980’s, research and crop development have revolutionized the sweet corn industry. Today, there are three main classifications of sweet corn: Sugar Enhanced, Super Sweet and Gourmet Sweet. Although sweet corn can be Yellow, Bi-colour (Yellow & White), or White, we grow only Yellow and Bi-colour varieties.

The Peaches & Cream Myth…
Peaches & Cream was the name given to one of the first Bi-colour varieties of sweet corn, grown in the 1970’s. This variety is generally no longer grown as many new Bi-colour varieties, such as Charisma and Vitality are far superior. Today, many Bi-colour varieties are erroneously labeled Peaches and Cream.


· Available first in the season due to its ability to tolerate cooler spring soils
· 20-30% sugar content
· “Sweet and tender”
· Recommended cooking: 5-7 minutes in boiling water
· can be refrigerated for a few days

· available mid to end season
· 30-52% sugar content
· “Very sweet and crunchy”
· longer cooking time required – 10-12 minutes in boiling water
· can be refrigerated for up to a week without any deterioration in taste

· available mid to end season
· 30-50% sugar content
· “Very sweet and tender”
· Combines the tenderness of a Sugar Enhanced and the sweetness of a Super Sweet.
· Recommended cooking: 7-10 minutes in boiling water
· Has the improved shelf life of a Super Sweet and can be refrigerated for up to a week without any deterioration in taste

Enjoy Richardson’s Sweet Corn long after the last cobs are harvested!

Freezing your own sweet corn does not have to be a big overwhelming task

  • Simply cook more than what you can eat at one meal (i.e., a dozen instead of 1/2 dozen)
  • Cool the extra cobs in ice water
  • Slice kernels off the cob
  • Freeze in freezer bags

After a few weeks you will have enough to last through the winter until the next sweet corn season!

You can find our sweet corn at:

  • Our Farm Market from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm  Saturday 9am-5pm
  • Our Roadside Stand at the corner of Hwy # 3 and Main St. (at Godfather’s Pizza, across from the High School in Dunnville) Monday to Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-5pm (as supply permits)
  • Dunnville Farmers Market on Tuesday and Saturday morning
  • Hagersville Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings
  • Caledonia Farmer’s Market (Canadian Tire parking lot) on Thursdays 3-7pm
  • Hamilton Locke St. Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 9am-1pm
  • Hamilton Mountain Farmers Market (Concession St. and Viewpoint) on Saturdays 7am-12pm