Sugar Bush Tours and Pancakes

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2021 Sugar Bush Update (as of January 23rd, 2021):

Due to the current stay at home order and lock down which extends well into February, as well as the anticipated ongoing challenges of COVID-19, we will not be running “in person” sugar bush tours and pancake brunch as we’ve done in the past. Instead, we are offering “backyard maple syrup making packages” along with instructional videos so you can journey with us through the maple syrup season. What a great memory making time with the kids 🙂 We also plan to have a drive-through “history of maple syrup” tour at the farm through the month of March, and make-at-home breakfast packages with homemade pancake mix, maple syrup and other goodies to enjoy. Stay tuned for more COVID-19 style physically distanced fun!

Come on out to the farm with family and friends to watch the sap be boiled and enjoy some piping hot pancakes, sausage and pure maple syrup!

Take a wagon ride to the sugar bush for a guided tour of how we collect sap, using both buckets and modern pipeline. Be sure to browse around the market before you leave and take some maple syrup or tempting treats home with you!

Open 9am-3pm

Monday February 17th

Saturdays February 29, March 7, 14, 21, and 28

March Break  March 16-20


School and Community Tours Available on Weekdays

February 24th-April 3rd.

Watch for our Strike Day events on Facebook or Instagram. Sign up is required for these. The first one will run on Friday February 21st beginning at 10am.

March 3rd, 10th and 31st are Senior’s Days. Receive 15% off your meal. Reservations are required. Email or Call the Farm to sign up today! or 905-774-7507

2020 Menu & Tour Prices (HST extra)

Tour Prices (HST extra)

12 years and older: $8.00    

4-11 years $5.25

3 and under FREE

25% off Tour Price with purchase of Meal

Taste of Pure Maple Taffy $2.00 per stick

Purchase Tickets Now!

Sugar Bush Tours

Maple Brunch

No Pets Please!

Guide dogs are welcome, however, we respectfully request that all other dogs be kept at home for the comfort and safety of all our farm visitors.

Thank you!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Come dressed for the weather!

While there may be some mud in the bush, it’s more important to dress for warmth at this time of year.  Wear warm boots and clothing on cold, windy days so you will enjoy your time outside 🙂

Please Note:

The Trail in our sugar bush is not wheelchair accessible, therefore individuals and their support person are eligible to pay only the meal price during our “open to the public” days.  This policy does not necessarily apply to community group visits to the farm that are tailored to the needs of individuals within the group.

Maple Syrup